Vital Details About Aeration Systems For Your Pond

Aeration systems infuse ponds with dissolved oxygen to prevent major issues. Among the issues are unpleasant odors that are associated with stagnant water. The systems are also available with added features such as waterfalls and sprayers. A local supplier offers information about aeration systems and their benefits.

Why is Algae Control Necessary for Your Pond?

Algae developments spread by breaking into small portions. The smaller sections continue to grow and thrive unless immediate action isn’t taken. If the algae receive adequate sunlight, the developments continue to grow throughout the top of the pond. Aeration is the answer to controlling algae and eliminating it from the pond.

How is Algae Prevented?

The distribution of adequate oxygen levels controls nitrogen and phosphate in the pond. The circulation of oxygen stops nutrients and metals from spreading throughout the pond. The nutrients and metals are needed for algae to continue to grow. The oxygen levels lead to decomposition of particles that fall into the pond water. It also provides adequate oxygen for fish. The aeration process stops algae from finding a food source and taking over the pond.

Why is Water Circulation Important?

Stagnant pond water provides the best environment for algae to grow. If the water isn’t circulating, the algae won’t be forced to the bottom. It remains on the top of the water and continues to receive adequate sunlight.

Additionally, the calm waters are also ideal environments for mosquitoes. The mosquitoes lay eggs on the top of the water and generate a large population quickly. If the water circulates, the mosquitoes won’t remain around the pond and will find somewhere else to reproduce.

What Factors Determine the Right Aeration System?

The size and depth of the pond determine what system is right for the pond. Surface aeration systems are best for ponds that aren’t deeper than six feet. Diffused aeration systems are better for large ponds.

Aeration systems provide better control for algae developments and mosquito populations. Oxygen circulation is the greatest benefit of the systems as it is what provides better control. The systems are easy to install and provide many years of use. Property owners who want to learn more read through the best information on lake aeration today.