Reviewers Deem the LS-1416 from BOSS LASER an Especially Well Rounded Machine

The Boss LS-1416 laser cutting and engraving machine is a hit with reviewers online. As reviews of BOSS LASER consistently make clear, one of the things about the platform that owners appreciate the most is how generously it can be customized. A look at some of the options and upgrades that reviewers most regularly single out for praise will reveal that the LS-1416 is a truly well rounded piece of equipment.

A Laser Machine That Can Be Customized to Suit Many Buyers’ Requirements

Not every entry-level laser cutting machine is available with such a range of options. Some of the upgrades that owners of the LS-1416 most often highlight in their reviews online include:

  • The 65-watt laser tube. The LS-1416 ships in its standard form with a 50-watt laser tube and corresponding power supply. That already makes it significantly more capable than many other machines in its class, with faster, deeper cutting being one of its widely acknowledged strengths. On the other hand, many buyers find it worthwhile to upgrade to the 65-watt tube that BOSS LASER offers along with a beefier power supply. In addition to boosting capacity further, that option also extends the lifespan of this critical component.
  • An expanded work area. Entry-level laser buyers often gravitate toward the LS-1416 to begin with because it offers a more spacious cutting area right out of the box. Having an extra four or so inches compared to the competition makes the LS-1416 a lot easier and more satisfying to work with in quite a few common cases. BOSS LASER also offers the LS-1416 with an expanded cutting platform for a highly affordable price. With a full 25 percent more area being available for a relatively small up-charge, quite a few buyers see the wisdom in this upgrade.
  • Backup lenses. Many buyers also order one or more additional focal lenses to have to hand in case the original should need replacement. That will make unplanned downtime even less likely and do so at an affordable price.

Options and Capability Combine in an Impressive Package

While reviewers consistently praise the LS-1416’s level of basic capabilities, the available options make it an even more attractive product to many. As a result, the LS-1416 has earned a reputation for being an especially well rounded entry-level machine.