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Factors That Cause Conflicts in Democracies

Since its inception, democracy has always been difficult to administer and some people have capitalized on the loopholes it has to bring about conflict. However, this doesn’t mean that democracy is a source of conflicts since it has its own pros. In many democracies, these conflicts usually stem from a complex inter-connected web of needs that stay unaddressed for a prolonged period. The situation has escalated in some countries like Syria and this has led to a major war between the people and the government.

When narrowing conflicts to democracies there is variety of factors that lead to disagreements. The major sources which causes conflicts include economic, political and military factors. Politics leads to conflicts when government distribute resources to the natives in unequal proportion. It also occurs when people accuse the government of embezzling funds and using natural resources for individual benefit.

Most of the time, conflicts that have just been sparked by two ethnic groups often escalate to a national level. This perpetual spread is brought about by ethnic affiliations, tribal affiliations, and those who feel they are also suffering the same fate as the oppressed tribe. Biggest tribes want the biggest shares of national resources and government positions while other tribes will often feel oppressed. Conflicts arise whenever there is an indication than one group is getting more than the other.

Economically, the people may feel that the government distributes natural resources unequally. As a result, there is formation of rebel groups and other factors that eventually cause conflicts. When these conflicts occur in particular areas, people will pull out of these places as it is the cases with the Syrian oil fields. The economy proceeds to suffer even more when international companies pull out of the country and can no longer help in the exploration of natural resources. Any attempts by the government to hold on to these resources draws even more conflict and division.

Divisions within the military have led to the creation of a national army that doesn’t function effectively. It has turned into an instrument for committing crimes against civilians and even preventing people from having an opinion. A divided army is always subject to crimes including theft, extortion, and human rights violations which aren’t addressed in war torn countries.

Greed amongst the political class has brought about conflicts in democratic countries. Politicians set about to embezzle funds that hardworking taxpayers have contributed for development on infrastructure and this causes a major conflict between the people and the government. The major cause of conflict in these situations is the existence or pro-government and anti-government groups which often clash leading to a nationwide war.

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